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About Us

Pro Hemp Supply is the best online Hemp and Wellness store offering a selective selection of Hemp related products.

PHS was started after the founder's life changed using CBD and hemp related products. We understand the research it takes and some of the worries when trying a new type of product.

Pro Hemp Supply has carefully selected quality products to take out the time and money that goes in the equation of trying new hemp products. We are the trusted source of the best quality Delta 8, CBD and hemp products.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service is always ready to provide the best customer service experience to ensure you find what you're looking for.  

Pro Hemp Supply is a family ran business, with a passion for alternatives to traditional medicine. We work directly with manufacturers to a be a trusted supplier of quality brands.

We want to spread this culture to anyone who understands us. Pro Hemp Supply strives to supply quality products at competitive prices, often the best on the market. Our goal is not only bringing you great affordable products but to establish a community where each feels the positivity with friends! We work really hard to serve customers/friends with different needs and tastes. We hope you find what you need in us, tell us, and share with us.

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